Sunday, December 26, 2010

Laurel's First Christmas

My one and only grand child will be one year old at the end of December.  To me she is the prettiest, smartest and most adorable little girl ever! Just indulge me and let me enjoy the moment.

Many gifts for her were store bought but the one I love the most and enjoyed giving the most was a cardboard BOX. You know how young children play with the box more than the toy gift? Well I decorated a large furniture box as a gingerbread house. 
                                                          See for yourself.
Back of the House; see the smoke in the chimney?

Front of the House

Side of the House
All that is left to say is.......TA DA!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Wishes

Let it Snow!
Let it snow, but just not here where I live! 

     Many a year was spent in the cold north and I did enjoy the beauty of winter. The softness of snowflakes falling on a clear winter night, the rain freezing on tree branches to make a crystal wonderland and of course every year I made snow angels under the stars. Ah , what a bucolic scene.

I won't  venture into black snow, frozen fingers and toes and the white knuckle trips on icy roads.
No, this year I will only  remember the good stuff .

My wish for you is to celebrate in the way that is special to you with the people that mean the most to you.
Mary Ellen

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Art in the Park sponsored by the Vero Beach Art Club is having an open air tent art show and I will be in it!
I must admit it is a lot of work to set up a tent and man it all day but it is good networking, a little selling and a plethora of interesting conversations with the people wandering by.  Puppies, painting, doing lunch and talking are some of my favorite things.

November 21st Show:
The last tent show I focused on Art for Youth. Titles like games, whimsy, coconut art, safari and mini art were were posted around the tent. Big, bold and bright was used to appeal to children not adults, after all children should also be surrounded by art.

Plum Blossom                        
December 12, 2010 my theme will be The Human Form.
All People

Just people in many different styles.
Easter Island

A Child's Wonder       
I am wishing myself warm, sunny weather and a large crowd of people to see my art work and the art work of the 24 other artists. 
Where ever you are I wish you a perfect Sunday.