Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Art Deco Clue.

 These are two experimental paintings from  my Art Deco period and they are the next two clues to my Mystery Build favorite movie.

The challenge gripped me so that I could not put it down; so after many, many hours I have finished the project and have sent in the photos of my results.

Do you know the movie that I chose??

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mystery Build Bloopers

     All that glitters is not gold.... not all attempts at my Mystery Build were successful. Here are some of the out takes that will never reach the viewers eyes:

Clay was not in the kit but I thought I could make a mold then pour Plaster of Paris into the mold to make figures thus  stretching the limited supplies. Try and get a wooden object with gummy joint out of dried clay proved to be my nemesis. I did not want to destroy the model figure so the clay mold was sacrificed and that avenue was a failure.

Another idea was to paint on the newsprint paper provided and make different sized dots to simulate stage lights. I was trying to go for the Art Deco style. That took more patience than I have and it really looked cheesy so that was a failure.

   Out of mini straws and a Styrofoam ball taped together I tried to  build another figure.   This one was to have spiked hair and big ear rings! I felt so clever but when done it looked artistically stunted.


The final failure:

     Remember the theme for this contest is "Your Favorite Movie", have you guessed what the movie is that I chose? Or do you need more clues?



Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mystery Build Contest

This is what came in the mail.                       

What have I gotten myself into? Another brain exercise, like learning to use my new I Pad; keep those brain cells working. I found the Mystery Build contest on line and thought it would be fun to do.

Opening the tin I saw what I have to work with:
Contents of the tin.

Contest rules state that I must create a piece of art  from only the items found within this tin. Oh, the theme is my favorite movie!

As always I figured out the movie and the design in the semi sleep state as I was falling asleep at night. This is a critical time for me to solve problem areas in a painting or project that I am working on.

Now aren't you at least a little bit curious as to what on earth I will come up with? This project is not due until September but I should have it done long before that and I will share the results. Do you remember my Cinderella Wore Prada? That should prepare you for the creation of my fertile imagination. :)
Cinderella Wore Prada- made of paste paper and scrap fabric, etc.