Saturday, February 25, 2017



     It should be interesting to watch my progress or lack thereof  in my figure painting attempts.  I still enjoy the portrait open studio with all of the different poses even the surprise nude session. I've done life drawing numerous times so not a big deal. I am happy to just paint whatever is put in front of me.

     In Quiet Time I played the warm against cool colors with pattern against neutral solid spaces.  I am still struggling with how to paint facial features without getting into eye lash mode. When all is said and done,  I am a loosie goosie painter.


                                                                                                             The bulk of the Laurel painting came easy but the face, oh my! Now you see why I am working on finding a better way to paint eyes, noses and mouths. I don't know how many times I have reworked this painting and still I am not satisfied.

Tomorrow is always a better painting day.


Friday, February 17, 2017


Live Model

    The Museum of Art in Vero Beach and the Vero Beach Art Club provide many classes and open studios for artists to hone their skills and share time with people of a common interest. Since my focus "du jour" is figure painting I thought it wise to practice paint from a live model. Today was my third time at the open studio with a great group of artists. I found that I enjoy it very much and I put no expectations on myself therefore the results are unimportant. 

The first two sessions were so rough that I didn't even chronicle them; total do overs. Today I remembered to take all my needed equipment and supplies and told myself to let go and just paint. 
I painted over last weeks failure and love the random colors that work their way through into the new art work. I am rather please with the lady shown above. 

You will love this; not wanting to waste any paint left on my palette, I picked up a palette knife and started slapping the remaining paint onto a fresh canvas for next time. As I was finishing the monitor, who is a formally trained artist, said he loved it, it is finished, don't to another thing to it. 

Orange and Purple Abstract

Saturday, February 11, 2017



Green mat
     Once upon a time I had a paining professionally framed that made me say; "what was I thinking?", so I removed the offending painting then proceeded to paint something that would compliment the frame. I can hear the art community groaning as I write.

     In my defense I have repurposed many frames in the past with a tailor made painting. The frame to this disaster is green to match the mat at the right so I went with red/ green complimentary color palette and hoped for the best.

     The good news is that if I change my mind I will pop that flower out and replace it with a new work of art. Please check out my web site:

Hanging on the wall.

Friday, February 3, 2017


    Here is the final product of my mini mural painted for the Cultural Council of Vero Beach, I am pleased with my results. The image in my brain is pretty close to the final rendering. The mural will be either auctioned off for fundraising or will be displayed in the Vero Beach Arts Village.

    It has been a challenge met and now on to three figurative expressive colorist paintings to be juried into a local gallery to see if they will qualify me to be one of their guest artists.

     Oh, another new thing, I attended the Art Club's Portrait open studio today. If I want to paint figures I had better improve my drawing skills of models also I want to meet new people with similar interests.                      
                             Short and sweet this week.