Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Workshop Week :):)

Abby's Final Product
My sketch
     This week I took a workshop from Abby Warman sponsored by the Vero Beach Art Club. Abby is an oil impressionistic painter who focused on painting the human figure. I saw her demonstrate at the VBAC general meeting and loved her style. The vivid colors, the loose brush strokes are what I strive for.

After hours of painting
Abby used a series of small dot like strokes of oil paint to give the variety of color changes and temperature changes. I learned that I can draw the human figure but lack the luminosity of her colors. I need to focus more on color changes to create volume and that the sparkle comes from having your very dark values next to your lightest values. Abby said I do have a specific style which was good to hear. It is there, I just have to bring it out more.
We painted from original model photos that Abby provided.
Many brush strokes to go before I rest.

Finished for now but I am not pleased with the final product.


COMING SOON; color massing and shadow massing, just as soon as I research it more and have some practice samples to show you. 

For your winter viewing pleasure:)

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Now that I have made my design decisions let's see what happens. As always my mind says do a flat painting or color blotch painting and every time my brush goes for depth and shading. My last workshop taught me that all my values are about the same intensity even though I see changes. Go stronger and go bolder.
Amaryllis Still Life
 Here is the progression of this painting and I have no explanation of how it got this way or where it is going.
Sketch on Canvas

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Holy dark background! I never paint this dramatic but what do you think? I need to work on it a bit more and then it is done.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


If only I had an I Pad or Photo Shop on my computer,  I wouldn't have to resort to using what I have on hand to choose colors for my designs!

      I just finished a painting where the background color drove me crazy. I have 4 layers on the background of the canvas and finally ended up with a blue that I muted with a touch of red. I even got out my handy invention of using left over scrap booking colored papers to try to determine the best color to use. Just hold them up to the painting to see which one looks best. Low tech at best.

     Today I used colored tissue papers to determine the best color to set a silk plant on so that it makes the best color design.  I will also use the still life as a reference.            Quick and Cheap.

Which color would you choose for my next painting?
Dark Blue

Deep Red
Warm Brown

Medium Blue


                          Decision made; a cool color and I think the Medium Blue makes the subject sparkle over the other color choices. I guess this could work for background colors if you tape the tissue paper up behind the plant. 
Red Background

Yellow Background

Orange Background

Monochromatic Background

Purple Background
Light Blue
White Background

Green Background

Which background would you choose?

In the end the amount of time I took doing this mattered but not a lot. Could anyone recommend an I Pad that could purchase that would do all of this? I need one that has functions for an artist.