Sunday, April 20, 2014

Return of the Prodigal Artist.

My last post was 9/29/12 because I volunteered my time to be the President of the Vero Beach Art Club. Here is my final newsletter message:

2012-2014 term as President and I am still standing!
     I want to express my appreciation to each of you that helped me through the last two years! I used to tell my students;
 " It takes more than one person to get me through the day" and that was so true with this venture.  In every way that I could think of I tried to express the Art Club's gratitude to each volunteer because you were part of the team that made it happen. I tried to deal with each issue as it came along but mainly I wanted to make the Club a kinder gentler place for all members to feel welcomed.
      I would like to acknowledge the hard work done by every prior President of the Vero Beach Art Club; each one was a building block for our future.  Though the improvements may have been subtle or bold they made it easier for the new President to serve the Art Club.  As time passes we do not remember which President did what but they were there and I salute you
It was not always fun and it took a lot of time but I never regretted serving the Art Club as an Officer on the Board of Directors. As always I have gained so much more than I have given and I am an enriched person because of my term as President. 

OK, now what; well I reinvent myself of course. 
My intent is to spend as much time I did as President on my art work. Finally I am seeing my style more clearly; I am a colorist, a painterly to abstracted expressionist. As I read my weekly Empty Easel newsletter I am researching how to go about this venture. It is my intent to do the following: 1. Make dairly art 2. Meditation 3. go to open studio 4 get back to blogging 4. take workshops  5. watch an art video daily 6 paint, paint paint.  There, I said it publically so now I must keep my word to myself. 

I'm back and I know what I want to be when I grow up so "watch me grow".