Saturday, April 25, 2015


     A fellow student at a workshop suggested I get a palette garage to reduce the amount of tubes of paint  I had to carry (especially for plein air), to save paint and to have all of my colors out while painting. I do love my gadgets.

  Acrylics do dry up easily so this little tube case has sponge filled end caps that can be kept moist with water.  I know it has been stated at workshops to have all your colors out while you are painting so you don't have to pause, find the color, squeeze it out and resume painting. My stubborn Scottish nature kept doing it "my way" but now I realize the value of having my limited palette out and available. 

 I think it is the coolest thing ever!

P.S. Twice I have forgotten to put my palette trough back into the moisture sealed tube, had to scrape off and waste paint and get ticked off at myself.