Sunday, October 10, 2010


I kind of got detoured while trying to finish my people pointillism collage, so it is on the "I will get to it someday" pile.

My excuse is signing up for LuLu's class at the Vero Beach Museum of Art . She is presenting a variety of techniques that can be integrated with my own personal style and media. The first class taught us deconstructed silk screening. What most intrigued me was the lack of pre-planning of the found objects and textures that were used.  If you look closely on the first screen print you will see the asymmetrical circles made by rubber bands!

During the second class LuLu showed us resist and how to transfer images onto the surface of a printed page. I noted some cool shoes on the newspaper I was using for a drop cloth so I free hand cut out the general image and placed the cut out on my paper before I printed with silkscreen dyes.  White remained where the shoe template was placed. Secondly, I used the shoe cut out to reverse print with the wet dye by pressing the template on a previously screened paper.  The most fun is just playing around with new "stuff" and figuring out how I can adapt it in my mixed media.

Paste paper shoes
In my studio I created whimsy shoes using paste papers. Even the Viva towels used to clean up our silk screens can be dried and used in collages. Here I glued dyed paper towels to design another pair of fantasy shoes.

Viva paper towel shoes

Wonder what this week will bring? More later as art happens.