Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Painting WithYour Mind's Eye

Today I am going to try to talk about something esoteric and ethereal. It happens infrequently but it  is delicious when it does happen. I don't know why or how but sometime I "see" a painting on the canvas. I don't use my eyes  but instead I use my mind's eye. The shapes are in front of me and the paint flows without thinking or  a struggle.
   The best non art related example  that I can give is after my older brother passed away I visualized  him. He was walking down the hallway of his house to the kitchen for morning coffee. I felt the sound of the corduroy pants, the soft causal long sleeved shirt he wore on the weekends, his face, his hair and beard. His entire spiritual presence!                                 Wish you were here Tom, I still really miss you.
Obidos, Brazil
This painting of a church on a cliff just plain happened. Here are some other paintings that just flowed onto the canvas from my mind's eye. Even I can see a commonality of my style when I am painting from a place without critical boundaries.  Have you ever had such an experience?

Hills of Heather
Frozen Lake

Tourists in Italy

Monday, June 25, 2012

Progression of a Geometric Abstract Painting

              The color orange appealed to me that day and I had a vague idea of a painting in my head.  Clamp a canvas to the windmill easel and  get out the brushes!               

     One of my workshop instructors once said; "every painting goes through an ugly stage". As I kept painting I slipped into the same old trap,  too busy and more is  better. I have not worked through ugly to gorgeous yet.
     I  think the lesson to be learned  is that I only had a vague vision of my end product but I did not have a plan for this painting. Normally if I am in the "zone" a painting will flow Ala Prima but not this time.

To rectify my over worked and under interesting acrylic I began to delete shapes by painting white over the blocks that did not please me.

My next thought was that I did not like much of anything in the painting so more white Gesso was added.
Painting is sometimes an exercise in problem solving so it will be interesting to see what I come up with.   I have been adding hand made paste papers to the blocks and am building the composition.
Finally this seems to be turning into a paste paper human form. I have given up any preconceived notion of what it should look like and am going for a whimsical whatever it chooses to become. What a plan!

Below is as far as I have been able to take this mixed media collage. It either is finished and I am a wonder to the art world  or it went down in flames!!
Wish someone would give me their opinion.
Thanks for reading and sharing my latest creative attempt.



Saturday, June 2, 2012





     Today I attended a free workshop presented by Art Mundo in Ft. Pierce, Florida.  I actually got up early on a Saturday to listen to their speakers and it was time well spent!

     The founding group of artists saw a vision of a creative center that shares, teaches and fosters..setting artists up for success. Four years later Art Mundo has grown  and touched artist's lives for the better; but they have never wavered on their mission and do it with a warm welcome and a free spirit environment. 

   Although I have danced around the business aspect of marketing my art, I needed some concrete steps that I can take to jump start my job of making and selling art. Art book keeping, tax regulations, suggested web sites, blog sites, selling on Facebook. Artist statements, bio's, least expensive web sites to research and the final presentation of your work: framing. 

Well done and I thank you for truly sharing with an open heart!!

 Did I mention they presented this for free; coffee, doughnuts and handouts?