Sunday, April 17, 2011

Value Added Exhibit


 All dressed up and    Nowhere to go!

My little Russian  Dolls were just sitting around but I have found a place to show them.

     Art Mundo had a call to artists to take an ordinary object and alter it creatively, thus making it  "value added".
     I think an ordinary gourd fits the bill, so please wish me luck.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Art in Public Places

     You are invited to see my entry into the Vero Beach Art Club Member Exhibit held at the Indian River Courthouse, Vero Beach, Florida.  Art in Public Places is supponsored by the Cultural Council of Indian River County and begins April 15  ending July 14, 2011.
     This year I am going big (25" x 31") or going home.

     Bodacious was an experiment with the color field genre. Some of the materials are iridescent and glitter as light hits them from different angles. It represents a modern geometric abstract using bold colors.