Saturday, November 22, 2014


SUNFLOWER-seeking the light!
      I started blogging in 2009 just for blogging sake. Slowly it evolved into an art blog and now I feel the need to define my purpose and audience. First of all I write for me; the self imposed once a week dead line makes me be productive and my goal is improving my painting techniques.

    After reading art magazines or taking workshops,  I do the  suggested projects and write about the process on line.  That means my blog is focused on presenting my results and I am really honest about my success or lack there of.  To put a label on my weekly publication would be a Personal Art Journal.

     At the moment I don't have an audience but that's OK.  It would be great to expand my blogging to engage with other artists in constructive text conversations but I think I have to learn a new bag of blogging tricks before that will happen. If the world runs on give and take I would like to share my experiences and learn from those who wish to share their knowledge.
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Sunday, November 16, 2014


80% done
   The Vero Beach Art Club is creating a new show just to show off their 3D media members. I mainly paint 2D but am happy to leap out side the art box now and then.

    I have a source of big sized gourds that I  paint into a doll of some sort. Here is another Russian peasant that I will enter into the Art on the Island event in February 13-14 2015. It will be held on Marsh Island Clubhouse.

The love of bright colors and the bit of whimsy as a change of pace painting draws me in. Wish me well for the show and sell event:)

I see that the face is too large for the doll so I will redo it again. Live, take a photo and learn.
Russian Doll- Singing Off Key

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Instructor Karen Leffel-Massengill 

     It was a busy week, art club meetings then a Friday/Saturday plein air workshop. The weather was Florida winter wonderful for Friday and Saturday and then the rains came on Sunday. 

Friday we met on an ocean beach to paint waves hitting the sandy shore``
Saturday we changed locations to attempt our skills at painting a waterfall along a flowing stream. Karen demonstrated the "how to" for each scene and roamed around to give each student private attention. 

I had a delightful two days; tired yes but recharged to use my new knowledge. 

My goal is to grow into to my fullest artistic potential. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

China Series- Chengdu Opera

The Classical Chinese Opera was too loud and too high pitched for my western music background. As I mentioned before I had ear plugs on hand for my husband and myself.
This was a different opera and I found it quite enjoyable. The petite Chinese girls were the epitome of balance and grace with their precision dances.

I am attempting to paint this detailed photo first using only negative painting technique. Is it even possible to do a whole painting using only the negative space?
 During my weekly open studio painting I did the drawing of the photo that I had taken in China.
Next I began painting around all of the positive figures; in essence, negative space. My style is  loose & painterly but I have a feeling this one my be on the tight side.
I am not pleased with this plus I am out of my comfort zone. I'm not sure if it because I am working in watercolor or because it is too tight for my liking.
 Every painting has an ugly stage boy have I hit mine. Negative painting is out the window and happiness is finishing this in time for my blog publish day.
 Didn't make the deadline!

More later as painting happens.