Thursday, June 7, 2018

Technical Confusion

                                                        Anne Blair Brown

It all started in April when a dear friend gave me a birthday gift to put toward purchasing supplies for painting.  I treasure my DVD collection of artist instructional videos so I immediately went on a search for contemporary impressionistic art teachers. I came up with two candidates; Peggi Kroll-Roberts and Anne Blair Brown.

Step 1:  The art teacher search was done.

Step 2: Power up Amazon prime and off I go. Well, not so fast smarty pants! I came face to face with this information just prior to pushing the order button.

        "A Painter's Journey is available through Vimeo On Demand. Through Vimeo you can watch the
      video series on any of your devices through the Vimeo app or simply download them to your 

The underlined words are things that I know nothing about.

With the higher cost of Brown's series I was not about to do my usual just push more buttons. Then tI read; money is non refundable!! I didn't want to download this cyber thing and not be able to store it so I can watch it over and over. Where is it stored?
This isn't going to be easy, is it?

Step 3: I spent hours over many days on U-Tube researching every angle that I could think of. It was very frustrating but I learned a new little fact with each on line video. I always ask friends and even my hair dresser about my conundrum. The hair dresser said I only needed a Streaming Stick and not the whole Apple TV equipment and one needs a smart TV to make this work.

Step 4: Luck was on my side when the very very old TV finally died so off we go to Best Buy to purchase a new smart TV.  Done.

Step 5: Another trip back to Best Buy for a Roku Streaming Stick. The salesman said it is very easy to put in and use. Big smile and a thank you very much.

Step 6: I need to open a free Vimeo and Roku account. I handled that like a pro.

Step 7: I now must program my smart TV to my Wifi so they can communicate. That did not work until my husband and I got the Roku purchased and plugged in. The remote would not work so after a few words and time he discover that the batteries to the remote were not put in correctly. All of this is so frustrating. At last the TV is talking to my Wifi!

Step 8: I dash back to Amazon Prime to order a test run art video. I chose Limited Strokes by Peggi Kroll Roberts but nothing shows up on the TV, did I just throw money into cyber space? I now have three remotes and I do not know when to use what.

Step 9: No one told me that Roku has to talk to Vimeo so while I just happen to be pushing buttons I saw the logo for Vimeo and pushed it. Voila, the TV gives me a code so I rush back to my computer in another room to punch the code into my new Vimeo account.  All was functioning.

Step 10: See the big smile on my face? I learned how to stream videos from my Mac to my TV so I can watch them from the comfort on the couch which I then used to "rest my eyes" after all of this learning curve.

Step 11: As a by product I learned how to use On Demand that has been on the smart TV the whole time. I can go back and watch the missed shows of Genius-Picasso that I missed.

Step 12: Let me revel in my glory!!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

My New Peggi Kroll Roberts Video

     My first ever Peggi Kroll Roberts video has arrived, thanks Amazon Prime. I chose the  lesson on high key painting which I aspire to master. The actual painting demo was a lot shorter than I would have liked but she did include a supply section and good introduction section. I was hoping for 2-3 small paintings so that I could watch her process more.

     I did enjoy the video and will try to emulate her very loose painterly style. I need to pre load my paints onto the palette and to do a value scale mixing that does not go above the 5 mark on the value scale. Somehow when I  start painting I fall back into my comfort zone of put a little of this and a little of that colors on the palette and then wonder why I struggle.

Look at the lack of detail and the pure use of warm and cool tone used by Peggi only the 1-5 value scale.

I am going to assign myself the homework of producing a high key painting showing you the preliminary  drawing, set of the palette with a value scale, blocking in large shapes and then maybe stop before I noodle it to death.

Yea team, I did set up the limit color palette and added a touch of white to see the high key range. I will concentrate of warm/ cool differences with value in mind.
                    It is not as easy as it looks! I caught myself wanting to put in more darks and to begin some shading. Maybe my next one will be worthy of showing the world.

Mary Ellen

Saturday, May 12, 2018


 Anne Blair Brown

    By now  you know that I have a passion for painting. I dream art, talk art with friends, paint almost every day and I frustratedly pull my hair out for the darn painting. Well I need reinforcement in the form of a new instructor input via artist's videos. DVD's always refill my creative well.

     This birthday a dear friend gave me a gift to put toward some art supplies maybe Rosemary brushes but I chose to buy videos from artists that I want to emulate. First I have to define what I am....decision made, I am a HIGH KEY EXPRESSIONISTIC COLORIST, no wait I am a CONTEMPORARY IMPRESSIONIST. Both of these titles sort of summarize my creative style.

     Next I was on a search for an artist with whom I can relate. Fortunately I have kept a running list of artists that I admire; Mary Gilkerson, Angus Wilson, Carol Marine, Lisa Daria, Claire Harrigan, Polly Hammitt, Carla O'Connor, etc. Top of my list is Anne O'Brien Gonzales, Peggi Kroll Roberts and ANNE BLAIR BROWN.

Her style is all that I want to be and more so I found her on line with the intention of purchasing her video. It seems the sales platform she used is Vimeo and I have no clue what I am getting into. Add to that, I want to watch the video on my Samsung smart TV which involves connecting to the wifi and streaming from my I Mac to the TV!

I have been U Tubing my heart out but still no bells of understanding are going off. Guess I am afraid of screwing up the TV, my computer and the video so off to search for a young person to show me how it is done.  What fun??

Sunday, May 6, 2018


I have many 6"x 6" canvas's that need a new life so I have been repurposing them as mixed media paintings. My inspiration of a colorist/ expressionistic style comes from Anne O'Brien Gonzales.

Everyone has a bucket list and one of my "to do's" is to see the southwest of our beautiful country and to take a workshop from one of my favorite artists; Anne O'Brien Gonzales. I have her books and DVD's which I rewatch when I am feeling artistically running on empty.  I will pop in one of her DVD's and off I go again.

This story get even better. I found out about one of Anne's workshops: EXPERIENCE O'KEEFE COUNTRY.  Holly cow, my favorite artist giving a workshop at my bucket list location! It took a lot of thought but I finally did it; I registered for the class, booked a room and booked a flight.  I'm sure I will have stories to share about my adventure.

Mary Ellen

Friday, April 27, 2018


After my adventure with painting on coconuts I advanced to gourds. As luck would have it, my husband found 6 huge dried gourds at a local flea market; “Oh, Mary would like these!”And so my short lived career in gourd painting began. 

Much to my surprise all of these over size gourds sold at different art shows that I entered but I did not want to be known as the "gourd lady" so I stopped after my gourd supply ran out. 

This is a small gourd and the only one that I saved for myself.

Mary Ellen

Saturday, April 21, 2018


Remember me telling you that six pieces of my art work were on exhibit at the Coral Mermaid in Sebastian, Fl.?  I had a bit of beginner's luck and sold my Lily Shadows mixed media painting.
It was mounted in an adorable wooden dark gray frame that had a raised dots around the painting.

I enjoy working in watercolor with rice paper over lays which develop so many layers of interest.

Happy little art camper.
Mary Ellen

Thursday, April 12, 2018



Lately I have been immersed in figure painting using acrylics. It has been a wonderful run of artistic creativity but I find that I am tapped out and when that happens I need to change media, change subject matter or go to my non-objective abstracts with some mixed media work thrown in.

For me it is like washing the dishes, getting the laundry done or straighten up the house; in other words, just plain get reorganized. Some times a sewing project works to clear my mind but top on my list to re-prime my creative well is to reorganize my studio.

I'm always telling my husband let's get rid of stuff that we don't use so I took my own advice with the removal of my long time old friend drafting table that weighs a ton to be donated to Goodwill. It is hard to part with something that has been with you for so many years but I analyzed how much I was really using it and found out it was only a flat surface to clutter up. Decision made.

Back to my original premise; Lay off of acrylic paints for a while and drag out the watercolor paints until I paint a masterpiece or get inspired to go back to my acrylic media. I will keep you updated on my therapeutic process.