Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Musings of a Plucky Crone

I want to tell you a story, let me set the scene:

     Cup of tea in a Fiesta mug, a cookie in hand on a balmy 76 degree sunny day in Florida. It looked like perfection until one digs deeper into the state of things; the leading lady feels like poo and such a week she had! An Oy Vey type of week.

     Two weeks ago she was hit in the rear end of her van by a lady rushing to get into her vacated parking spot at the gym. That ended very well with everyone being very kind to the older woman who was having an "old lady moment". OK, I was a bit rattled but in that moment she realized that she was the old lady! 

     Leading Lady and hubby get through having the van repaired and working with a loaner car that feels very strange with no key just a fob that you don’t dare lose, she doesn’t like change to her daily routine.

     The next day her husband wakes up one morning saying he needs to go to the Dr. that day. OK she agrees, he makes the appt.& heads out to his van only to find the battery is dead. OK, take my car and I will get road service to fix the battery. You never know what a day will bring and on with the Oy Vey story. Several Rx later the husband is feeling better but the leading lady is going down hill fast. Both sound like barking seals but the dog is quiet. 

     The dear lady had to cancel yoga, open studio and an art demo on Sat. and two Cultural Council meeting. The newly diagnosed asthma kicks in but this time she has meds to stop the crud from killing her. Dear Lord may next week be better.

Oh, I am not done. 

     The dear husband takes off to do volunteer work and an errand. The sickly leading lady gets a call that his left front tire caught fire and he is being towed, could she meet him at our car repair guy.( he pulled into a home and used the garden hose to put out the fire.) OK, she drags her body out to save the day.
Yesterday she gets an email from her daughter that brother- in- law Jeff’s dog drown in their swimming pool.

     The lady decides to stay home for fear of lightning will see her out and turn her into an electrified fulgurite.

Permit me some drama.
Both cars are repaired and both characters in the story are on the mend but the leading lady just found out today that she needs a root canal.

Mary Ellen 

Sunday, February 25, 2018


Sunday, February 18, 2018


Coral Mermaid Gallery 8905 N US Hwy 1 
Sebastian, FL 32958
coral mermaid.net
(772) 559-8947 Tues.-Sat. 10am-2pm

I found a new hidden treasure fine art gallery
in Sebastian just north of the Wabasso Beach Bridge ( Rt.510 ) that I wanted to share with you.

Six of my paintings will be on exhibit for all the world to see at the Coral Mermaid Gallery for the next three months.
Mary Ellen 

Friday, February 9, 2018



                                                 PASTEL SUNRISE


     With this landscape painting I was channeling my inner Anne O’Brian Gonzalez. I admire that she is a colorist and an expressionist. I have her book and three DVD’s that I watch and rewatch learning something new each time plus it is cool just to watch her paint.

     High key design is also on my bucket list and this time I managed to pull it off. Most of the time I start out with pastel intentions but end up with darks to punch up the value thereby loosing my high key intent.

     As I analyze what I just wrote I see an artist still coming into her own style or maybe just evolving her style over time.

Mary Ellen

Saturday, January 27, 2018


THE FIVE DAY CHALLENGE          http://www.koseroriginalart.com

Ready Get Set…Go!

Last week I joined in with a five day painting challenge with artist Mary Gilkerson. We were supposed to do a small painting each day for just 20 minutes, do you know how hard that is? Fortunately I am a fast and furious painter but this did push me to the edge.  

Mary always says: “Done is better than perfect”, so the end product wasn’t  important. I enjoy experimenting and have little fear of failure.

First I gathered some old small previously used canvas’s to paint over, picked out 5 photos of figures that I wanted to paint and lastly I set up my work space with colors on the palette. 

     Start the kitchen timer.

Friday, January 19, 2018




My Friday open studio group has invited participants who have painted the beautiful model, Christina, to exhibit at the newly opened
Coral Mermaid Gallery. I have two paintings to show and the reception should be a lot of fun. Wish you all could join us. 
Mary Ellen


Thursday, January 11, 2018



The past six months I have been focusing on the human figure which I find fascinating. Here I was experimenting with black backgrounds to create a more dramatic feel. 

 Below I painted on Yupo with watercolor adding color & marks with total abandon then painted the negative space around the model. I think it would read better if the background was totally black.

My grand daughter at the beach. To the right an Art Deco thing going on and below a 1940’s model. It was great fun but what do you say; yes try some more or no move on?

Mary Ellen