Monday, October 26, 2015


Almost done.

Hibiscus Children's Center does such good work to help children in need within our community. They have organized  an auction of original art embellished chairs for a fundraiser titled: "CHAIRISH THE CHILDREN".

     How do I get into these things...well it was a good cause, I showed up for the meeting and I said yes to volunteering to help. Next thing I know I said yes to painting the bench in my garage, yes to being the point of contact person and yes to feeling totally responsible for the out come of the bench painting project.  I got my weekly open studio ladies to say yes to helping me which means I got us all into this project.
      Great, more Mid-West guilt on my shoulders.

It takes a village.

My flower.
Because it was in my garage I traced the pattern onto the bench, outlined the design and painting one arm of the bench.  After everyone was done I outlined everything with black.
Oh my aching back and the hours that disappeared!
My science teacher came in handy as I organized the painting stations, etc.
I am so over this bench but now we feel the background of the bench should be painted. It looks unfinished.

I'm just tired but the cause is still a good one.

Friday, October 9, 2015


I recently purchased a few ArtBytes from Carol Marines' web site (Daily Paint Works) and find them  valuable to my learning curve. The ArtBytes are short with a video to please an audio visual learner like myself.

The ArtByte that I am referring to is Saturation and Color Mixing.  I was most fascinated by her comment; " If you are searching for a color, it is probably gray". She then proceeded to mix gray from all three primaries adding a little white.

I am emulating a page from Carol's book Daily Painting to see if I can ingrain the lesson into my brain. I used a 5x7 canvas board painted with a pink background, I sketched Carol's flower in a jar and added chalk to make changes so that I am not completely copying.

Daily Painting pg. 2
My step one.

Even I can see the lack of value and color changes in my version. Now I will try to mix a gray for the background and add my changes to the flower.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


I feel an abstract phase coming on!

I may not be writing as much but I am trying to keep you informed with the work I am doing via DAILY PAINT WORKS, you know the painting a day on line web site.
It is really difficult to complete a painting a day but I am trying. My hope is that I will continue to grow as an artist and have fun along the way.

May the painting gods be with you.

Friday, October 2, 2015



I invision a night sky with an explosion of star dust which may be the beginning or the ending  of a celestial structure.  Once I read that all life is made up of star dust and will return to star dust ...another one of those questions for which I have no answer.