Monday, November 30, 2015


Saturday, November 28, 2015


Like any other full blooded artist I subscribe to numerous art magazines. Any magazine that particularly appeals to me I save and the others I share with my open studio painting mates. On those rare times when I run out of something to read I pull out the stored "sacred issues" and re-read the articles.

Watercolor Artist (April 2014) I underlined and highlighted so much from Donna Zagotta's article; THE COLOR PROJECT, that  I decided to try some of her lessons.

I love color and loose paintings so now I am planning on trying the color schemes that she suggests;

Red Boat Photo

Analogus colors
Monochromatic, Analogous, Complementary, Near complementary, Split complementary, Double Complementary, Triadic and Tetrad. This should improve my use and understanding of color intended to give a specific mood or feeling and it sounded like fun.

6X6 board sketch
Analogus Painting.
I found it difficult to stick to the restricted analogous colors but maybe that is a good lesson to learn. Next I tried the monochromatic and my first attempt was miserable so I will repeat the lesson to show you later.

Sunday, November 22, 2015




Here are some snap shot stages of my Tea Please daily painting. This time I added a tea tin and went for the glow of back lighting.

Slowly my loose style is coming out and that pleases me but still a long way to go.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


BEFORE with glass glare.

AFTER with my invention.
                                                                                                 TOY SOLDIER   

 I learn everything the hard way with many hours used up by the learning curve. That is why I dearly love U Tube; have question will find answer!

I take all of my own photos, some are good and some not so much but I do realize the importance of quality photography when you are posting them on a blog site, web site or Daily Paint Works.
Some of my earlier works were professionally framed before I realize it was prudent to get photos prior to framing. I choose my frames to enhance my art work and not for a generic frame that the public will like. A good example is Toy Soldier (colored inks). Not all clients would love a deep purple frame with a notched mat but I love it.

All of my framed paintings under glass had a reflection of something in the photo. (see before example) I know enough not to use a flash.

To solve this problem I went to U Tube to find a simple answer that did not cost too much, here is what I invented from things I have around the house:

* I photograph out on the covered porch to get indirect natural light. I learned that from Carol Marine's  section on photographing art work in her book Daily Painting.

* I happen to have an older camera and tripod that I set up parallel to my adjustable wooden easel. It was easier and more stable to place the easel on a table and do the adjustments with the tripod and camera.

* Next I needed a reflection blocker so I made it out of heavy cardboard which I covered with a dark fabric from my fabric stash. Cut a hole in the center and off we go.  At the moment I have not found something to hold the reflector as I push the button so I just hold it with my left hand.
*I did make a second blocker from card stock which fits over the camera lens as it telescopes out to take the picture.   

*Put the camera setting on close up, adjust the height of lens to the art work and take numerous shots.
*Upload onto the computer and edit as much as I can with just the I Mac tools.

I'm so proud of me:)

Friday, November 6, 2015


Keeping it simple focusing on values.
Tea bag photo

First sketch

I'm trying so hard to get my semi abstract style to come to fruition.
What is your opinion? Did I hit the mark?