Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Plucky Crone

Abandoned Mt. Cabin
       There are pioneer women in this world that will survive and thrive under the harshest of conditions. I have a dear friend that is one of these women. The latest adventure that she undertook alone was to chase down and capture the dream of living in the North Carolina mountains. She bought a piece of land, made all the arrangements to move a house from Florida to NC, clear the lot of trash, had the house put back together, had a well plus septic dug and lived there a month without electricity during an unusual hot spell.
      Imagine driving 10 hours to get there with two large dogs and two cats in a car packed to the hilt! If anything could go wrong, it did and somehow she found solutions. In six weeks she did all that plus got a flower garden growing and met all sorts of great people and found time for some fun. We all call her the "energizer bunny".
     Girlfriend you exhaust me just thinking about your journey! I flew up and visited for a week; great weather, great activities and yes she is THRIVING.
So that is what I have been up to lately and now back to my art.

Old Barn up the Road
Fresh Food Market