Friday, October 22, 2010

Calendart PR Event

Sometimes you get the bug
sometimes the bug gets you!

 Last week I attended my first "Meet and Greet". It was held at Art Mundo's Underground Bank introducing the 24 artists that were accepted to create paintings for the 2011 calendar.  I chose to do the "Year of the Bug" just to be just this side of silly. Here is some of the art work I did:   Hope they bring a grin to your face!

   The 5x7 pictures were made with hand made paste papers to create a whimsical image of bugs. The wings get their iridescent quality from Angelia film or fibers.
Honey Bee
 Some bugs are realistic and some are pure imagination.
Sunset Moth

Purple Beetle

Praying Mantis
  Some are a simple rendering and others are super detailed.
Geiger Beetles

Yellow Woolly Bear Caterpillar

Adonis Butterfly

All were fun to create and I wish Art Mundo well on their fund raiser.

Opinions on my creations are welcome......