Friday, July 29, 2011

A Play House for Laurel

     Being a grand mother to a little girl is so cool. I adore inventing "girlie" project to share with her and my newest venture was to make a play house which is like sewing a huge pillow case that will fit over a card table. As always, I under estimated the time and sewing challenges.
Completed Play House.
     I would like to present the newest house on the block, Laurel's Cottage. As the builder of this fine abode I would like to point out it's special features:
     There are three windows with curtains and a mirror hung on the wall for our 18 month old princess to check on her beauty. The exterior of the house boasts of a mail box, porch light and house numbers. I even made fabric letters addressed to the home owner. The ruffles under each window are imaginary flower boxes and along the bottom of the cottage is a garden of roses planted up against the house. The next time I go to the flea market I will  search for a mini kitchen set to go with the mini pots and pans I bought.

     Now you may be wondering where I got the blueprint for such a lovely English Cottage. I purchased a card table and faked it, sewing myself out of one situation after another. Patterns seem to stifle my right brain so I don't use them.

     Oh, I almost forgot the stars and mini mirrors glued to the under side of the card table so Laurel can gaze at the heavens as she plays in her cottage.

     This will be a Christmas present for my darling grand daughter and she is worth all the hours of sewing and figuring out how to make this project work.             

Another Ta da moment.