Thursday, February 16, 2012

Frozen Reflections- An Abstract Realism

     Abstract Realism, Jumbo Shrimp; yes I get the oxymoron but I did it anyway. This is going to be a "you suggest the ending" to a thriller mystery painting saga. Please look at the painting stages as my thought process developed and help me find a final work of art.
                                                               I am not yet pleased with the outcome!
 The canvas is 40 X 50 inches so it makes a large statement. Using my knowledge from a Dorate Muller workshop, I toned the canvas in a warm color and pasted torn  rice paper strips and gold leaf sheets onto the canvas. I had nothing in particular in mind for a subject matter or color choices. From a distance the blue, green and gold papers reminded me of islands within an Arctic Sea. 

Step 2 shows the softening and cooling of the background with the water showing reflections of the sky and islands. Thanks to Maya Baynes' workshop for reminding me of these principles.

In order to find the compliment of all the cool colors I added an abstraction of warm tones. At that point the painting suggested to me that the water of the sea were spilling down the remaining 2/3 of the canvas.


 In step 3  I see my vision and maybe I should have stopped but I didn't, what can I say! Thinking that the bottom was too busy and undeveloped I continued on trying to develop larger areas of blue to reflect the sky and give the eyes a place to rest which would then bring one's eye to the focal point.

      I do believe it shows better in person but here is my photo of the final stage at this moment in time. Did I lose my vision or did I make a well designed painting? How would you complete this mystery within a painter's mind?

Hope to hear from you.