Monday, June 25, 2012

Progression of a Geometric Abstract Painting

              The color orange appealed to me that day and I had a vague idea of a painting in my head.  Clamp a canvas to the windmill easel and  get out the brushes!               

     One of my workshop instructors once said; "every painting goes through an ugly stage". As I kept painting I slipped into the same old trap,  too busy and more is  better. I have not worked through ugly to gorgeous yet.
     I  think the lesson to be learned  is that I only had a vague vision of my end product but I did not have a plan for this painting. Normally if I am in the "zone" a painting will flow Ala Prima but not this time.

To rectify my over worked and under interesting acrylic I began to delete shapes by painting white over the blocks that did not please me.

My next thought was that I did not like much of anything in the painting so more white Gesso was added.
Painting is sometimes an exercise in problem solving so it will be interesting to see what I come up with.   I have been adding hand made paste papers to the blocks and am building the composition.
Finally this seems to be turning into a paste paper human form. I have given up any preconceived notion of what it should look like and am going for a whimsical whatever it chooses to become. What a plan!

Below is as far as I have been able to take this mixed media collage. It either is finished and I am a wonder to the art world  or it went down in flames!!
Wish someone would give me their opinion.
Thanks for reading and sharing my latest creative attempt.