Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Creative Adventure Completed

In the spring of 2012 I bought a tin can of mystery objects from  It just  seemed like it would be fun and I enjoy inventing somethin' out of nothin'.

The challenge was to create a scene that would depict a movie of my choice. That was my first hurdle; what  movie to pick?  An idea flashed into my mind at my most creative problem solving time; the quiet time just before I  fall asleep.

If I could only bottle that space/ time for when I really need it!

I posted a few photo clues in past blogs but did not want to give away the movie theme so I said no more about the matter. The Mystery Build is now on line for all to view and vote on, so I can now reveal the creation that I am so proud of.

Movie Choice: The Bird Cage.

Stage One: The building STUFF:

The only plan I had was to build a stage with the characters from the film dancing off stage to the song;.... "We are family....all my sisters and me". If only I knew how to add sound to this.

The Final Product.

It took hours and hours to do this but I truly enjoyed the adventure.