Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Workshop Week :):)

Abby's Final Product
My sketch
     This week I took a workshop from Abby Warman sponsored by the Vero Beach Art Club. Abby is an oil impressionistic painter who focused on painting the human figure. I saw her demonstrate at the VBAC general meeting and loved her style. The vivid colors, the loose brush strokes are what I strive for.

After hours of painting
Abby used a series of small dot like strokes of oil paint to give the variety of color changes and temperature changes. I learned that I can draw the human figure but lack the luminosity of her colors. I need to focus more on color changes to create volume and that the sparkle comes from having your very dark values next to your lightest values. Abby said I do have a specific style which was good to hear. It is there, I just have to bring it out more.
We painted from original model photos that Abby provided.
Many brush strokes to go before I rest.

Finished for now but I am not pleased with the final product.