Sunday, February 28, 2016


Let me introduce my dear friend Jinny.  She is 92, still comes to open studio painting twice a week, plays bridge and she has spunk.

One of our fellow painters took a picture of Jinny waiting for her ride sitting on her art cart in the parking lot outside our classroom. We all volunteered to take her home but she said; No I'll wait, I'm just happy sitting here in the sunshine. Normally Jinny drives herself and we all meet at one of the local restaurants for more conversation and laughter. We all look forward to Mondays.

With this little painting I was trying out the new techniques that I learned in my Janet Rogers workshop. Some of the biggest mistakes I was making was painting as if I were doing an acrylic, using too much water and not dropping paint into moist areas for them to blend on the paper.

There is hope; I am teachable.