Saturday, April 23, 2016


Overlooking the beautiful golf course at Windsor.

The Gallery at Windor presented  Salon IV:Art in History featuring the Danish artist Per Kirke's "Echo of the Light".
     A small group of people were introduced to Per Kirke's works by Dr. Richard Shiff of the University of Texas. Dr. Shiff pointed out the symbolism of Kirke's art with his knowledge of geology formations. The power point presentation was invaluable for me to see the parallels.

     On my own I never would have seen the the rock planes and striations in the art work. I must admit it was an esoteric lecture and equally esoteric art work. 
Maybe an acquired taste.

     Admittedly I am not on the same intellectual level but I thought most of the works were...shall we say, interesting.

     I felt that if I had painted such art it never have been accepted into any gallery but fame has a special lens of criteria.  This is only my opinion and I readily acknowledge my lack of an art history education and lack of desire to be in an insular bubble of artistic intellect.

It was a lovely day spent at Windsor even if I had a slightly negative opinion of the subject matter. 
The grounds and building architecture were marvelous.