Saturday, October 8, 2016


HURRICANE MATTHEW  October 6, 2016

     I have never experienced a hurricane, bad storms yes but not a Cat 4 with 120 miles an hour winds.Taking all the information we could garner we decided to stay and ride out the storm.

Evacuation supplies-check
Food supplies-check
Plenty of water-check
Batteries and lights-check
Dog food-check
Shutters up on all windows and doors-check
Generator-check but we had never actually hook the thing up to run it for the house! 
It was a tense hour or two trying to read the instruction book and get all the settings correct;
     ended up calling our handy man the next day to help us figure it out.

 I was anxious but not frightened. It did cross my mind that this may be the last day I live but I've had a good go at life so I was at peace. Once the decision was made to stay you have to take whatever comes your way.

Solution: take two sleeping pills and sleep through the whole thing! It worked for me. My kids and brother thought I was crazy.

     As it turned out we did just fine. I do realize that it was luck that spared Vero Beach from a really bad out come and I am thankful. Still no electricity but I think we will venture out for a ride to see how others faired and to see if Publix is open.

This time the force was with me and I live to paint another day.
I took pictures of the proper setting so we won't forget the lessons learned. Wisdom comes with age.

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