Saturday, December 10, 2016


I am so proud to work with these two ladies on the Development Committee helping the Cultural Council create our very own Arts Village within downtown historic Vero Beach.

 The Concept:
Local community people with ideas, energy and commitment are working together on a plan to revitalize the Downtown Vero Beach Arts District by creating a Cultural Arts Village.  Between the railroad tracks and 20th Avenues, the Edgewood neighborhood, together with the businesses in the Arts District between SR60 East and West and 18th Street, will offer complementary creative environments:  one for living, working, and selling, the other for cafes, restaurants, and small businesses.
We envision an inviting shaded street scape that supports a diversity of complementary economic events and activities:  residents, small businesses, arts, art galleries, health and wellness, restaurants, and related events.  The neighborhood will reflect principles of retrofitting rather than redevelopment by maintaining a view to preserving structures, street layouts and motifs that are important parts of this area’s heritage and sense of place.  
This village arts concept integrates a variety of activities for walking, biking, meeting, gathering, working, selling and living.  The abundant green space will host gatherings such as book festivals, food festivals, music festivals, art and craft festivals. An amphitheater will provide home to music events, film, lectures, plays, book and poetry readings, and more.
The Village concept will pull more activities back to the downtown district, contributing to a comfortable, appealing, walkable environment, where people can spend time meeting, shopping, eating and working.  A cultural arts center will include an arts and culture information center together with meeting and gathering space for small events.