Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mystery Build Contest

This is what came in the mail.                       

What have I gotten myself into? Another brain exercise, like learning to use my new I Pad; keep those brain cells working. I found the Mystery Build contest on line and thought it would be fun to do.

Opening the tin I saw what I have to work with:
Contents of the tin.

Contest rules state that I must create a piece of art  from only the items found within this tin. Oh, the theme is my favorite movie!

As always I figured out the movie and the design in the semi sleep state as I was falling asleep at night. This is a critical time for me to solve problem areas in a painting or project that I am working on.

Now aren't you at least a little bit curious as to what on earth I will come up with? This project is not due until September but I should have it done long before that and I will share the results. Do you remember my Cinderella Wore Prada? That should prepare you for the creation of my fertile imagination. :)
Cinderella Wore Prada- made of paste paper and scrap fabric, etc.