Friday, June 6, 2014

Eclectic Artist Web Site to be announced in September of 2015

     This September I will be introducing my Web Site on the Vero Beach Art Club Artists Gallery web page which is available to all club members.

The web site address is :

     The categories of my art work fall into many genre; abstract, realism, impressionistic, abstract expressionism, mixed media, whimsical, large gourd doll 3D art, and thus the name Eclectic Artist. If you read far enough back in my blog articles I had previously used the title, "The Painter Within" as my blog name but I did not feel it represented the variety within my art work. I feel the name "Eclectic Artist" will better encompass my wide range of subjects/styles and cover any paths I choose to follow in the future.

     I have been painting, going to open studios, watching art videos and trying to maintain completing a painting a day. That's pretty good for adhering to the goals I had set for my self but I did make one change and that was to lighten up on the daily painting into just do some painting each day. A finished painting a day put too much pressure on my schedule and I was not enjoying the process.

     I have also been busy finishing paintings that I started a long time ago plus matting and framing art work so they are ready for sale. I had forgotten how much time it takes to complete a final product so that counts as working on my art.

Here are two of my latest creations:
Once again the dichotomy of my work shows up.
I like it that way!