Saturday, November 22, 2014


SUNFLOWER-seeking the light!
      I started blogging in 2009 just for blogging sake. Slowly it evolved into an art blog and now I feel the need to define my purpose and audience. First of all I write for me; the self imposed once a week dead line makes me be productive and my goal is improving my painting techniques.

    After reading art magazines or taking workshops,  I do the  suggested projects and write about the process on line.  That means my blog is focused on presenting my results and I am really honest about my success or lack there of.  To put a label on my weekly publication would be a Personal Art Journal.

     At the moment I don't have an audience but that's OK.  It would be great to expand my blogging to engage with other artists in constructive text conversations but I think I have to learn a new bag of blogging tricks before that will happen. If the world runs on give and take I would like to share my experiences and learn from those who wish to share their knowledge.
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