Wednesday, November 5, 2014

China Series- Chengdu Opera

The Classical Chinese Opera was too loud and too high pitched for my western music background. As I mentioned before I had ear plugs on hand for my husband and myself.
This was a different opera and I found it quite enjoyable. The petite Chinese girls were the epitome of balance and grace with their precision dances.

I am attempting to paint this detailed photo first using only negative painting technique. Is it even possible to do a whole painting using only the negative space?
 During my weekly open studio painting I did the drawing of the photo that I had taken in China.
Next I began painting around all of the positive figures; in essence, negative space. My style is  loose & painterly but I have a feeling this one my be on the tight side.
I am not pleased with this plus I am out of my comfort zone. I'm not sure if it because I am working in watercolor or because it is too tight for my liking.
 Every painting has an ugly stage boy have I hit mine. Negative painting is out the window and happiness is finishing this in time for my blog publish day.
 Didn't make the deadline!

More later as painting happens.