Friday, December 19, 2014


Just because I was taking a break from blogging it doesn't mean I took a break from painting. Here is a painting of my granddaughter which will be a gift to her parents.

My title; "I Showed up for the Ball Game", means that I took 4 paintings into a local co-op art gallery to be judged in the hope that I may join as a member. They were very gracious telling me not at this time and were honest enough to share the group critique. I need to get a body of work that is cohesive of my own distinct style. That critique was sincerely appreciated.

If you read my prior blogs it becomes apparent that I have been searching for  this artistic identity and will continue to do so. I asked myself what do I find the most joy in painting? Not the subject matter but the style of the moment I have answered impressionism or abstract expressionistic. The only problem is that many of the gallery members are doing the same style and I need to find a different interpretation so that my work stands out in the crowd of other wonderful painters.

I now have a specific goal. All of the swirling possibilities are slowly being narrowed down and that is progress, for this I am pleased.