Friday, October 9, 2015


I recently purchased a few ArtBytes from Carol Marines' web site (Daily Paint Works) and find them  valuable to my learning curve. The ArtBytes are short with a video to please an audio visual learner like myself.

The ArtByte that I am referring to is Saturation and Color Mixing.  I was most fascinated by her comment; " If you are searching for a color, it is probably gray". She then proceeded to mix gray from all three primaries adding a little white.

I am emulating a page from Carol's book Daily Painting to see if I can ingrain the lesson into my brain. I used a 5x7 canvas board painted with a pink background, I sketched Carol's flower in a jar and added chalk to make changes so that I am not completely copying.

Daily Painting pg. 2
My step one.

Even I can see the lack of value and color changes in my version. Now I will try to mix a gray for the background and add my changes to the flower.