Saturday, November 28, 2015


Like any other full blooded artist I subscribe to numerous art magazines. Any magazine that particularly appeals to me I save and the others I share with my open studio painting mates. On those rare times when I run out of something to read I pull out the stored "sacred issues" and re-read the articles.

Watercolor Artist (April 2014) I underlined and highlighted so much from Donna Zagotta's article; THE COLOR PROJECT, that  I decided to try some of her lessons.

I love color and loose paintings so now I am planning on trying the color schemes that she suggests;

Red Boat Photo

Analogus colors
Monochromatic, Analogous, Complementary, Near complementary, Split complementary, Double Complementary, Triadic and Tetrad. This should improve my use and understanding of color intended to give a specific mood or feeling and it sounded like fun.

6X6 board sketch
Analogus Painting.
I found it difficult to stick to the restricted analogous colors but maybe that is a good lesson to learn. Next I tried the monochromatic and my first attempt was miserable so I will repeat the lesson to show you later.