Saturday, December 12, 2015


      After all the time I have spent reading, taking classes and experimenting I think I am beginning to isolate my problem areas in my painting technique.
     The passion and dedication has always been there and so has the willingness to learn but I think I can summarize three areas of needing insight:  
      * being able to identify the % of light/dark in colors
      * must do a sketch for design and value prior to each painting
      * use single stroke application of paint

      It seems when I hit the canvas or paper I do the same thing as I have always done..dah and I get the same results, a master in mid-tone values. This time I will make myself do a drawing of the values and design of my subject, I pulled out my value chart that I have had for years and will make myself mix colors of different % value before I begin painting. Somehow I will force myself to do single or few stroke painting. A vortex of many strokes takes over my paint brush thinking that if I painting over it one more time it will be just right.  
    What a monster:(
Value Chart

Value Sketch

Do Over

I still had trouble with the few stroke painting but I did improve and I stopped before I normally would.