Sunday, December 6, 2015


Another attempt at a monochromatic painting.

Paint over the first attempt.
First attempt: yuck!

Step one                
                 OK, I cheated. I really had a  hard time using just one color, it was boring so I took the liberty of using only cad. red but used white, blue and yellow to jazz up the cad. red.

Next I tried to soften the edge on the back strawberry and added oil pastel over the acrylic for a punch.

Used warm/cool temperature changes to the white background and added a gradation to the shadow area.

Final Product:

 I thought the shadow was a bit intense so I softened it but I prefer step one which tells me that I should stop way before I feel it is done.
Lesson learned~!

PS. I used a free photo from so I could concentrate on the lesson and not finding a subject to paint.