Friday, August 19, 2016


Who says one needs more wardrobe storage? For me, clothes not so much, but art supplies and art business stuff.... oh yeah.

I have reorganized my 10x12 bedroom studio at least 50 times! My mind functions best in organization and all of it is labeled (so I can find it). My daughter gave me a labeler for a gift many years ago and it has been well used.

No clothes in the closet.
I have a wooden table that just fit into the closet space so that became computer headquarter, bill paying and canvas storage. A wooden shoe rack made a great canvas storage if they are turned on end. Next I went to Target for some wire closet organizers. These hang down from the  wire shelf rack that was in the closet; always looking for the use of vertical space.

Repurposed book shelves.
Once again I have stored things up to the ceiling, labeled them and reorganize when I see a more efficient way to do things. 

Drafting table by the window.

Did you notice the beads at the window? I got them at a flea market and just had to have them. In my studio anything goes; carpet has been trashed with splattered paint, I painted big polka dots on the walls for color and you did see the beads.  This is my fun spot.

Repurposed sewing table.
One of the best things I did was create a larger surface area to work on. It was always on a time consuming search and find while creating a new painting. My windmill easel is in the middle of the room which takes up the free space to move about easily but after numerous relocation tries that seems to be the best location. In a corner the light was bad, straight in front of the window there is a light glare and my body casts a shadow on the painting surface.

If you are thinking of buying a windmill easel please note that it needs a larger space than my small bedroom/studio. No regrets, it is great to be able to turn the painting 360 degrees and it will lay flat if you want to work on a mixed media piece.

Wishing you painting bliss.