Saturday, August 27, 2016


Once upon a time an artist had a large canvas which had been a Rothko like experiment. It never  went anywhere so consider it a canvas ground color to try my new expressionist style.

I am attracted to the 1930-1950 fashion so I research some photos on which share free photos for artists. 
Ground colors.

Here is a photo of my painting almost finished . Can you see the ground color peeking through the blue sky?
#2   Almost there.
Final painting.

To complete the lady reading I added a stylized sky and added some shadows. This was never meant to be a realistic painting merely a personal interpretation.

 I  discovered that I am happiest when painting with lots of color and the freedom to do just as I please. 
Expressionism is not tied to perfect perspective, perfect value or perfect local color. I like mixed media with stenciling and the addition of papers to my work and I like painting people.

So now what do I do with this enlightenment? 
Just paint and enjoy the journey.