Monday, March 7, 2011

Change is in the Wind.

Hi all,
     A lot of paths have been altered since last I dazzled you with my inane but fun projects.

Former web site grab button.

     I closed down two on line web sites due to lack of sales response. I have decided to end my career in the open air tent art show venue for the same reason and I'm searching for a new path to explore. Just because something did not work out I do not consider it a failure. I learned a lot more about computers, photographing my art work for on line presentation, blogging. search engines and so forth. There have been great conversations with people at the art shows and even some repeat customers for my painted coconuts.

     I have taken two wonderful workshops; one was acrylic and the other gold leaf abstract painting. Here is one of the paintings from workshop days well spent behind a paint brush.
Golden Glow 1