Monday, March 7, 2011

What I have been doing lately.

This Saturday is the Vero Beach Art Club's Art Trail tour. I have co- chaired the Art Trail committee with two friends in the club. We arranged for 10 artist to open up their home/studio to the public to purchase tickets and tour art studios within Vero Beach. The goal is to raise money for our scholarship fund for a deserving college bound art student, to promote local artists exposure and hopefully help them sell their art work. In addition we want amateur artists to see you can have a studio in a sun room, small bed room or a big closet. Just get out there and create.

Kudos to Volunteers:
This has been my first experience with committee chairing and I have gained respect for all the work and time that goes into such a venture. Hats off to all the volunteers of our community! There are countless hours, meetings and leg work that go into organizing individual people into a public event. Needless to say my art experiments have been in a holding pattern, but after Saturday watch for my next project.

What are your doing art wise?