Sunday, August 24, 2014


     Watermedia Focus Workbook, Christopher Schink;... " employing color and intensity changes rather than using strong value changes. To keep the interior of shapes interesting I've alternated areas of warm and cool hues and bright vs neutral intensities".

Pink Under Painting
Today I want to paint a child in a free painterly style using the warm cool shift instead of the value shift. The color choices are more symbolic that realistic, in other words it will not look like my granddaughter in the photograph.  My focus will be to use warm and cool color to get my message across.

Enlarging the image
For the second step I used white chalk and a diagonal grid to draw a larger version of the photo.

Next I blocked in the cool colors and I am still using the Lori Snow-Hein limited color palette.

It is slowing taking form but I feel I am losing my original color focus. The background color still bothers me but I can't decide what cool receding color to use.

 I'm lost but will not give up.
I have no clue when using color instead of value flew out the window and I just kept on painting! The painting of my granddaughter has morphed into a more realist style than I had in my mind when I  started out. This will not be a finished product by my self imposed Sunday publishing date but I'd rather take my time and be pleased with the results.
To be completed at a later date:)
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