Sunday, August 17, 2014


     Maximum Chroma is the highest amount of pigment that a color can have; which is straight out of the tube. I keep trying for a high key pastel painting and every time I get highjacked into something else.

Stage One.
This started out as a total yellow canvas and I was planning on going pastel with clouds and sea. Actually it took me a week to decide on the subject.

The next thing I knew it has morphed into a jewel toned, in your face painting. My usual MO is to go on to overwork a picture so I need to learn when to stop.

Stage Two
Stage Three

It is growing more pastel and high key but the clouds are too much in one clump and there are too many shapes and colors competing with each other. To unify the sky I made up a light blue glaze and painted over the entire sky area. That should make it read as one unit instead of many small units.

The red band was intensified and a spot of complimentary green was added to make the red focal point pop out more.

Final Painting: The last critique is in your hands.