Saturday, August 9, 2014

Try, Try and Try Again

     As stated in my last post, I was going to practice painting glowing, luminous paintings.
Here was my first attempt. Please note it was on used watercolor paper so the paper was compromised, I made no attempt to try and make a finished work of art; just practice.
It looks better in the photo than real life.

* Used a transparent, complimentary cool color for the wall
* Used a cool transparent color for the table
* Placed a dark purple at the base of the fruit to ground them
* Use white crayon to block out the white of the paper ( did not work well and I did not have a liquid frisket on hand)
* Used transparent colors on the fruit, let it dry then layered over with more transparent colors.


This time I exaggerated the colors and added white just to see if it helps the luminosity.
I'm not impressed.
I will try again.
With a different subject I painted a cool transparent background using only two colors and desperately trying to utilize one stroke painting.
The Windmill Easel is great for directing the flow of the juicy watercolor paints; it turns 360 degrees.
I need to give it a rest!

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