Sunday, October 12, 2014

I TOOK AN ARTISTIC WALK ABOUT: Painting in low light

I know my assignment was to finish or redo the Red Bench painting. The neutrals that I used really did not work for me and I will finish it in due time.

A friend asked me to do a painting of her grandkids which called me away from my task at hand. I have decided to take a journey down the human figure path as I also practice my newly learned lessons.

 The lesson I am combining with this project  is painting in a low light.
 I have noticed that some of my work looks great under my studio light  and then at an art show location not so much. Art shows and some galleries have notoriously poor lighting for exhibit paintings properly.

Would I be further ahead to paint in less than perfect light in order to compensate? I am trying to paint in just day light without the aid of full spectrum artificial lighting.

This painting started with a monochromatic palette in mind but somehow it morphed into a little bit of color. Be still my wondering paint brush.

The color does seem to be more intense so maybe the low light thing works. I will try a few other paintings to see if the same holds true.

Final Painting
The last photo is my finished product with one eye a bit askew. I will work on that before giving it to my friend.
 Somehow my I Photo importing has frozen up so I could not edit my final product. Forgive me but I must dive into the bowels of the Mac to try and figure this out.

I enjoyed the process.

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