Saturday, July 18, 2015


Three years ago my husband and I adopted our 7th rescue dog. I would like to introduce my art therapy dog & my studio helper; Pink. No, we did not name her but it fits her with the inside of her ears and her belly as pink as can be.

Music on, canvas primed and a painting we will go.

I am trying to develop my own style and at the same time learn from other artists such as Lisa Daria and Carol Marine. I watch the U Tube videos, read their books and practice their style but where is my style? Next I will read Betty Wade's Color Theory and then put the books and classes aside and just paint.

This is the part where I give myself a pep talk and say; one painting at a time, be confident that the answers will come and maybe relax.                

 Pink, what do you think?
"You talking to me?"

I am analyzing what needs to happen to complete this daily painting. I like the negative painting on the flower the best, the vase needs to be grounded so it does not float on the canvas, the background is too similar to the vase color in hue and value, etc.

That will give me something to work on. I do find the camera to be a useful tool to see my mistakes.

Did you notice how I changed the background and totally lost my flower focal point. I still need to ground the vase and on top of that improve the flowers. I hate it.

 Don't waste paint just slap it all onto the canvas to cover up what displeases you.

Me thinks I am not a floral painter!