Saturday, July 11, 2015


I am an audio visual learner so to see and hear someone paint a picture is ideal for me. At the moment I am enjoying Carol Marine founder of the Daily Paint Works web site. I just finished viewing her demo of three white cups and an orange.

Learned:  *a small color shaper is good for signing paintings
                *elipses have a slight tilt to them
                * paint your strongest color (island) first
                *use a white palette as a comparison for your lightest (highlight) value,
                  all other colors should be darker in comparison to the white of the palette.
                *mix the harmonious colors on the palette first. The warms, cools, lights, darks and neutrals
                  can be worked out on the palette before painting. That way you know if they look well
                * use as few strokes as possible
               * use the view finder with a live still life

OK, I need to work on placing my strongest color first, comparing values to the white palette and most of all; mixing harmonious colors on the palette first! Also use as few strokes as possible.

Normally  I have so many brush strokes and layers of corrective paint that I should sell by the pound.

Cup with Bittersweet