Sunday, July 26, 2015


My instructor felt my weak area was color so I bought Betty Edward's book on Color which I am reading and doing the lessons page by page.

I made the color wheel, value wheel, color surrounded by a neutral and now I am working on color harmony.

Taking a piece of illustration board I taped off the edges, found a designed fabric that I liked, photo copied the fabric and traced the black and white design onto the board.

B/W photo copy

Traced design.
Next I must divide my 10x10" into 6 sections. Because the design of the fabric is so busy I will choose a simple box within a box design. The geometric shapes are a rectangle so as not to repeat the square design and the boxes were placed off center.

I chose a geometric shapes for my divisions to act as a foil to the organic shapes of the fabric design.
First division 

Second division

Adding fabric sample
Now I have to color in area 2 with all of the colors of the fabric sample matching value and hue. This make take awhile seeing that I chose an intricate design.

I shot myself in the foot with this one.

To be continued.