Friday, September 2, 2016


I started out planning on a complementary red/green painting. These are only a few of the stages of evolution for Lilacs, it even ended up next to the trash can for a few days.

OK, try again. I have read that every painting goes through an ugly stage. From experience I know that to be true. This one almost did not survive.

Somehow the mixed media changed into a yellow, blue, green triad. In step two the black threw me off for a long time. My painting friends say I should throw the tube of black away.
This poor picture has had stripes of many different colors and sizes.

The flowers started out as stamped circles to look like lilac flowers but I over did the flowers  until it all looked like amateurish mud.

Step away from the painting for a few days.

Lace rice papers covered the horrible flowers with a variation in color and sizes. New printed paper had to be added to the front vase due to construction problems.

With the addition of just a little black we are calling this work of art
done. Be forewarned that I am going into a stenciling embellishment phase.

Not too bad for a trash bin candidate.