Saturday, September 24, 2016


     A few weeks ago my husband and I visited with our grandkids. That is always a joy but to make it even better we all went to see a Disney On Ice show in Orlando. Needless to say Disney puts on a wonderful extravaganza for the eyes and ears to behold.

      Getting a clear still shot was hard because the skaters were in perpetual motion.  The most important shot was of my grandkids watching the magic of Disney and eating pop corn.

     Sometimes it is good to get away from painting. I find I go through streaks of finding subjects that I can't wait to paint and then I go into a creative malaise. My therapy is to step back, organize something, clean something, read some fun books and spend time with people.

     What I know that the spark will return so just relax and let it happen.

     Refilling my artist's well as I write.