Friday, September 9, 2016


Acrylic Skin Flowers
Guess what? I have a guest artist spot for the month of September at MSVB. I am going to jump in with both feet to show my colorist expressionist style. This is who I am as a painter and it feels true to my artistic soul.

Summer of '42
The exhibit was held on September 2nd thought October 5th at the Main Street Vero Beach Gallery on 14th Avenue.

The day before my sister in law helped me hang the exhibit and it took longer and was more work than I expected. The next evening was the monthly Gallery Stroll in Vero Beach, Fl. which is always a lively evening.

Many of my friends came by to wish me well and see my paintings all in one place. I had not seen all my new work in one place either. Someone noted that I like the color orange.

I'm the one in the blue flowered top.

One wall of the exhibit. It was tiring but a delightful evening and yes my feet did hurt by the end of the show:)