Sunday, April 9, 2017


     I had a vision in my mind's eye; the color blocks of cool colors would be layered with tones of whites to create depth, then I would place detailed highly colored designs on the vertical and horizontal stripes.
Color blocking
There are too many ugly stages during  painting for me to always keep my passion and mental vision afloat but I will try to get this painting to the finish line.
Adding oil pastel marks

Adding papers 
Why do I end up with the same old cruciform format? It is flat and I'm tired of it so I thought I would go with more dimension such as 3D pyramids or crystals.

Negative painting of geometric shapes.

Filling in the positive space.

     I have company coming for a visit this week end so I will not be able to work on this painting but won't it be fun for both of us to find out what happens in the last chapters of my abstract story!

     I'm back and it did not go well:( , I will fill you in next week.