Thursday, April 20, 2017


                    I left off with this odd crystal like painting having no idea where it would go.
Pink background

     It has a charm of its own but the style felt uncomfortable so I began imagining the original still life done in a 3D format similar to my butterfly mini mural. I have chosen a pink background to begin building my idea.
I will work from the background up to the foreground trying to stay focused on the end goal, a 3D still life of two bottles.

My still life referenc

Background first


My hope is that the background floral print of the cloth will peek through the bottles when I paint the foreground. The background has a cooler temperature and I will do softer edges. When I finished the detailing I did a cool soft blue wash over the vertical portion so it will recede more.

Details added to background
OK, now what ?  I've already lost the fire in the belly for this still life, maybe I should paint a large figure for the third layer of paint. 

I need some ideas!!  HELP