Friday, May 12, 2017


     To keep myself in shape for painting I go to a Silver Sneakers exercise class twice a week, I am going on my sixth year of being pretty faithful. In the past I have pooped out on all attempts to stick with exercising program but this time I have gotten to know the other students and the teacher. It is hard to walk out in the middle of a class with;" Oh I have a pain" or "I'm tired already", so I stay to the end which pleases me.

   One of my fellow students was telling me how he had painted a few rooms in his condo ( the dear is 86), bought a new used couch from Habitat for Humanity and even got new lamps at Home Depot. After class I said I would like to paint him a picture to add to his redecorating, my gift to him. I could tell he was so tickled at the thought as we discussed how big and the subject matter.

     The next class he said; "I love Great Blue Herons" so that was our subject. I started three different designs of herons and settled on this pose. The other two poses are under this painting.

Stage one.
Great Blue in the Mangroves

I hope Mike likes my loose style of painting and I hope it brightens his day each time he looks at it.

Paint it Forward!